Linked library data in the new Bibliographic Framework

Workshop 1: Linked library data in the new Bibliographic Framework

Intended audience: Cataloguers, librarians, developers - basic understanding of (bibliographic) metadata formats like MARC, Dublin Core; basic understanding of the concepts of linked open data, URI’s and RDF.


On October 31, 2011, the Library of Congress announced the Bibliographic Framework for the Digital Age to replace the widely used MARC format.

The new bibliographic framework project will be ‘focused on the Web environment, Linked Data principles and mechanisms, and the Resource Description Framework (RDF) as a basic data model’. See

Designing a new bibliographic model based on the web and linked data is one thing, but implementation is another. There are a couple of interdependent issues:

  • What will the framework look like?
  • How and by who can and will the framework infrastructure be implemented and maintained?
  • When and by who will new tools and systems be developed for both front end user functionalities and back end cataloguing?
  • What will the relation be between local libraries and the linked data web based framework?
  • How does the framework relate to the current development of “webscale” library management systems like Ex Libris Alma, OCLC Webshare, SerialsSolutions Intota, Kuali OLE?
  • How can the framework be embedded in the broader linked open data environment?

 In the workshop we will try to sketch a possible global framework taking into account existing bibliographic formats, including RDA and FRBR, existing and developing linked data ontologies and vocabularies, the changing roles of libraries, cataloguers, library system vendors and authority management.

Because this is largely unknown territory, much input will be expected from the participants.

 Possible outcomes:

  • Requirements for local library workflows in the new global framework
  • Requirements for global authority data management
  • Sketch of a possible implementation structure of the framework
  • Requirements for library system vendors
  • New possibilities for library metadata
  • New services for libraries making use of the global linked open data environment
  • Anything else that the workshop participants will come up with

 Goal is to present the workshop results to the Library of Congress Bibliographic Framework community as input for their discussions.